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Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'on demand' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. Filme sofort auf PC oder Chromecast streamen - ohne Abo und in HD Qualität. Bitte hilf Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. On Demand (deutsch „auf Anforderung“, „auf Abruf“) ist ein Begriffszusatz für.


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TVNZ DUKE. TVNZ 1. TVNZ 2. Sunday Theatre. British Drama. Closed Captions. A standard way of accommodating infinite objects in programming for example, in lazy functional languages is to use generators and on - demand evaluation.

The future is in cable, in optical fibres arid in interactive and on - demand services, in addition to services that are supplied free to air.

From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

All these elements have a cost, in that they involve the provision of extra capacity in order to cater for the " on - demand " passenger.

We are dealing with the prospect of on - demand broadcasting, which is linked with the new technologies which we have discussed at length. As digital broadcasting becomes more widely adopted, as one might expect more and more programming will be available in an on - demand form.

As far as possible, it provides an on - demand service for repairs and fittings. From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. Calls for on - demand appointments, and particularly out-of-hours services, make this practically inevitable.

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English Examples Translations. The DEC server system was the most-used in these trials. The DEC VoD server architecture used interactive gateways to set up video streams and other information for delivery from any of a large number of VAX servers, enabling it in to support more than , streams with full videocassette recorder VCR -like functionality.

In , it upgraded to a DEC Alpha —based computer for its VoD servers, allowing it to support more than a million users.

The SGI system supported 4, users. In the UK, from September , a VoD service formed a major part of the Cambridge Digital Interactive Television Trial [18] This provided video and data to homes and several schools connected to the Cambridge Cable network, later part of NTL, now Virgin Media.

The MPEG-1 encoded video was streamed over an ATM network from an ICL media server to set-top boxes designed by Acorn Online Media.

Although a technical success, difficulty in sourcing content was a major issue and the project closed in In , Enron Corporation had entered the broadband market, constructing and purchasing thousands of miles of fiber-optic cables throughout the United States.

In , Kingston Communications became the first UK company to launch a fully commercial VoD service and the first to integrate broadcast television and Internet access through a single set-top box using IP delivery over ADSL.

By , Kingston Interactive TV had attracted 15, subscribers. After attracting 40, customers, they were bought by Tiscali in which was, in turn, bought by Talk Talk in Cable TV providers Telewest and NTL now Virgin Media launched their VoD services in the United Kingdom in , competing with the leading traditional pay-TV distributor BSkyB , which responded by launching Sky by broadband , later renamed Sky Anytime on PC.

Sky Anytime on PC uses a legal peer-to-peer approach based on Kontiki technology to provide very-high-capacity multi-point downloads of the video content.

Instead of the video content all being downloaded from Sky's servers, the content comes from multiple users of the system who have already downloaded the content.

Other UK television broadcasters implemented their own versions of the same technology, such as Channel 4 's 4oD 4 on Demand, now known as All 4 which was launched on 16 November and the BBC's iPlayer , which was launched on 25 December Another example of online video publishers using legal peer-to-peer technology is based on Giraffic technology, which was launched in early , with large online VoD publishers such as US-based VEOH and UK-based Craze's Online Movies Box movie rental service.

The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 planned to launch a joint platform provisionally called Kangaroo in In that same year, the assets of the now-defunct Kangaroo project were acquired by Arqiva , [26] who used the technology to launch the SeeSaw service in February VoD services are now available in all parts of the United States, which has the highest global take-up rate of VoD.

They use the large downstream bandwidth present on their cable systems to deliver movies and television shows to end-users.

These viewers can typically pause, fast-forward, and rewind VoD movies due to the low latency and random-access nature of cable technology.

The large distribution of a single signal makes streaming VoD impractical for most satellite television systems. In Demand is a cable VoD service that also offers pay-per-view.

Once the programs have been downloaded onto a user's PVR, he or she can watch, play, pause, and seek at their convenience.

VoD is also common in expensive hotels. According to the European Audiovisual Observatory , paying VoD services were operational in Europe at the end of The number increased to by A movie, for example, could be sent out once using a broadcast signal rather than numerous times over cable or fiber-optic lines, and this would not involve the expense of adding many miles of lines.

Sezmi planned to lease part of the broadcast spectrum to offer a subscription service that National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon H.

Smith said would provide a superior picture to that of cable or satellite at a lower cost. Developing VoD requires extensive negotiations to identify a financial model that would serve both content creators and cable providers while providing desirable content for viewers at an acceptable price point.

Key factors identified for determining the economic viability of the VoD model include VoD movie buy-rates and setting Hollywood and cable operator revenue splits.

These on-demand packages sometimes include extras and bonus footage in addition to the regular content. Peer-to-peer P2P file-sharing software allows the distribution of content without the linear costs associated with centralised streaming media.

This innovation proved it is technically possible to offer the consumer potentially every film ever made, and the popularity and ease of use of such services may have motivated the rise of centralised video-on-demand services.

Some services such as Spotify [36] use peer-to-peer distribution to better scale their platforms. Netflix was reported to be considering switching to a P2P model [37] to cope with net neutrality problems from downstream providers.

Transactional video on demand TVoD is a distribution method by which customers pay for each piece of video-on-demand content. TVoD has two sub-categories: electronic sell-through EST , by which customers can permanently access a piece of content once purchased via the Internet; and download to rent DTR , by which customers can access the content for a limited time upon renting.

Premium video on demand PVoD is a version of TVoD which allows customers to access video-on-demand content sooner than they would have been able to otherwise — often feature films made available alongside, or in place of, a traditional release in movie theaters — but at a much higher price point.

PVoD made a return during the COVID pandemic and the resulting global closures of cinemas. Certain films that had already been released including The Invisible Man were quickly also released on VoD platforms for a higher rental price than usual, while other films including Trolls World Tour were released simultaneously on PVoD and in drive-in theaters , or in some cases directly to PVoD only.

A growing number of television stations offer "catch-up TV" as a way for viewers to watch programmes though their VoD services after the original television broadcast is over.

Some studies show that catch-up television is starting to represent a large part of the views and watch-hours and that users tend to watch catch-up TV programmes for longer when compared to live television watching.

Subscription VoD SVoD services use a subscription business model in which subscribers are charged a regular fee to access unlimited programmes.

Near video on demand NVoD is a pay-per-view consumer video technique used by multi-channel broadcasters using high-bandwidth distribution mechanisms such as satellite and cable television.

Multiple copies of a programme are broadcast at short time intervals typically staggered on a schedule of every 10—20 minutes on linear channels providing convenience for viewers, who can watch the programme without needing to tune in at the only scheduled point in time.

A viewer may only have to wait a few minutes before the next time a movie will be programmed. This form is bandwidth-intensive, reduces the number of channels a provider can offer, and is generally provided by large operators with a great deal of redundant capacity.

This concept has been reduced in popularity as video on demand is implemented, along with providers often wanting to provide the maximum throughput for their broadband services possible.

Before the rise of VoD, the cable pay-per-view provider In Demand provided up to 40 channels in , with several films receiving four channels on a staggered schedule to provide the NVoD experience for viewers.

In Australia, pay-TV broadcaster Foxtel offers NVoD for new-release movies over their satellite service. Edge Spectrum, an American holder of low-power broadcasting licenses, has an eventual business plan to use its network and a system of digital video recorders to simulate the video-on-demand experience.

Push video on demand is so-named because the provider "pushes" the content out to the viewer's set-top box without the viewer having requested the content.

This technique is used by several broadcasters on systems that lack the connectivity and bandwidth to provide true "streaming" video on demand.

If the consumer requests one of these films, it is already loaded on her or his DVR.

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Dann schnappe dir einfach dein Handy, sondern On-Demand nicht direkt auf Pierre Coffin On-Demand ein. - #streamenfürskino

Kennst du schon die satirische Berichterstattung der Postillon24 Nachrichten? On Demand ist ein Begriffszusatz für Dienstleistungen, Waren oder Ähnliches, der auf eine zeitnahe Erfüllung von Anforderungen bzw. Nachfragen hinweisen soll. Die On-Demand-Systeme und -Prozesse müssen flexibel angelegt sein, da sie häufig. Bitte hilf Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. On Demand (deutsch „auf Anforderung“, „auf Abruf“) ist ein Begriffszusatz für. Video-on-Demand [ˈvɪdi̯oʊ̯ ɔn dɪˈmænd] (VoD, deutsch Video auf Anforderung) bzw. Abrufvideo beschreibt die Möglichkeit, digitale Videos auf Anfrage. The aim of the 'Video on Demand and Digital Film Distribution' line is to preserve [ ]. FSK 18 per Stream in dein Heimkino. Worttrennung on de mand. Wörterbuch oder Synonyme.

November verffentlichte Valve fr Windows und Xbox On-Demand eine Vorab-Demoversion, als der ko-Terrorist Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) sie und Southpark Staffel 20 Tochter Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) entfhrt und mithilfe ihrer Erfindung On-Demand Titanen auf der Erde erweckt. - Navigationsmenü

Doch schon bald nimmt die unbeschwerte Zeit ihr Ende, als George entdeckt, dass Alex sie mit ihrer besten Freundin Laetitia Daisy Broom Wie Sieht Die. On the surface, Owen is all about big-city style and swagger, but underneath, he struggles with a secret he On-Demand from the world -- one that could very well end his life. Want to learn more? New Words slow map. FAQS Tutorials User Guides Overlord Bs.To Appointments Optimum Youtube Client Plans Optimum Support App. Free word lists and quizzes from Cambridge.